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Author Topic: Traeth The logical  (Read 48 times)

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Traeth The logical
« on: August 09, 2012, 01:56:03 pm »
User Name: Traeht
Title: The logical
Gender: male
Class: Mage
Bio: Traeht grew up as a dreamer, his imagination was his only and best friend because Traeth or Theodoor was diagnosed with a social disorder that causes some strange behaviours such as the lack of facial expression and a strong disability to understand other human beings. Traeth also grew to look down on other children as he soon grew into a brilliant student because he simply has allot of time to study. When he isnít studying heís behind his computer playing his favourite games.
Personality: Traeth has slightly changed his behaviour now he can seriously die but his fragile sanity has suffered from this sudden change because gaming is his only amusement so now itís suddenly twisted into something heís scared of: reality yet heís also excited by the pure beauty of End saga. Traeth is now a cold magician, he may be the only person in End saga that doesnít want to escape instead he wants to rule it by killing and replacing the shadow broker yet he first needs to find the elusive player.
Morality: Cheater
Fighting Style: Traeth focuses on telekinesis because itís incredibly versatile; he can move objects many times heavier than the normal player could hope to lift. If you get close to him he will switch to melee using his staff and increasing his physical power to deliver quick and deadly attacks.
Goals: to rule end saga
Rival: Traeth deals with any obstacles quickly and mercilessly still living in his fantasy where death is just a annoyance.
Guild: none yet
Staff of the mind:
One of the less common staffs that grants the user both a light source, staff and the top of the staff consist of a sharp crystal capable of taking the role of a spear.

Special Attack: Invisibility, Traeth prefers to take his opponent down quickly and being invisible works better than most aggressive attacks because he can use it to attack and to run away if victory is impossible.

Level: 10

Stats: 200
-Strength: 25
-Agility: 55
-Intellect: 80
-Endurance: 40

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