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Author Topic: Level One Monsters  (Read 37 times)

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Level One Monsters
« on: December 12, 2012, 10:35:17 am »
Name: Dark Angel Harpies
Monster Type: Bird Women
-Strength(Physical attk power): F
-Agility(Dodge,Speed): F
-Intellect(Magical power): D
-Endurance(Resistance, health): F

-Shackles. Enemies are dealt their own speed in damage.
-Solar Bolt. Basic energy attack.
Monster Description.
Dark Angel Harpies are a tribe of creatures which attack in groups never alone.. Fairly weak they still pose a threat to those who stand against them.
Location: Alborz Mountain

Name: Wolf Fiend.
Monster Type: Cursed Wolf.
-Strength(Physical attk power): D
Agility(Dodge,Speed): C
-Intellect(Magical power): D-
-Endurance(Resistance, health): D

Monster Description.
Slender black furred wolves given increased agility and speed to attack outsiders and invaders of Farstov's keep.
Location: Farstov's Keep

Field Titans:
Name: Mother
Monster Type: Bird Woman -Aerial- (Demi-Boss)
-Strength: D
Agility: C
-Intellect: F
-Endurance: D-

-Eye for an Eye: All attacks that directly target Korin Guiding Light are deflected on another enemy. Only AoE attacks can hit these beings.
-Wrath of heaven: A deadly beam of light is fired.
Monster Description.
The Mother of the Dark Angel Harpies. Ruthless and vengeful, she'll tear you apart and devour your entrails.
Location: Alborz Mountain

Abyssal Titan:
Farstov the Abyssal Avatar
-Strength(Physical attk power): B
-Agility(Dodge,Speed): D
-Intellect(Magical power): C
-Endurance(Resistance, health): C

-Hierarchy. Their presence alone gives lesser Demonic Spirits +2 Endurance.
-Demonic Breath. These beings are capable of breathing forth a wave of magma and flame down upon those who would face them.
-Regenerate. These beings are capable of recovering from wounds while still in battle.
Monster Description. Abyssal Avatars are the rulers of the Demonic Plane they serve the Abyssal Titans with Fervor and are their most powerful of minions. These beings though powerful are weak against cold steel dealing double the damage it would normally do.

Farstov is the most powerful of all Abyssal Avatars, it's unimaginable power puts it on the same level of some of the other Abyssal Titans. The Immense door that appears from is the very Gate to Hell.
Location:Farstov's Cage
« Last Edit: December 12, 2012, 11:00:16 am by NPC((Alert)) »
Name: The Shadow Broker
Bio: A mysterious player who acts as an information broker for other characters. He uses his vast knowledge of the End Saga, it's world, monsters and mysteries and shares them with other players....for a price.

Rumors suggest that he's a hacker somehow cheating the system. He uses a mysterious ability which he calls Time Spec which allows him to be extremely elusive.

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