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Author Topic: Origin of Xanthe-The Dark Continent (In Game Sory)  (Read 51 times)

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Origin of Xanthe-The Dark Continent (In Game Sory)
« on: December 12, 2012, 11:18:52 am »
Origin of Xanthe
Before time began there was only the Sea of Chaos, a never ending sea of discord and pandemonium, the origin of all beings. The great goddess, Amnelis of Light, saw this chaos and sought out to create a paradise that would become a utopia of peace and beauty. She reached down into the seas and plucked a chunk of land which she blessed with fresh lakes, mountains, lush forest and fertile lands. To inhabit this utopia, she fashioned a race of Titans to care for the land and live peacefully there. Though the sinister forces Amnelis tried so hard to separate them from, snaked onto the land infecting the Titans with seeds of hatred and detestation. The Titans turned on Amnelis. They sought to destroy her and obtain her power for their own. They began to take on feral and monstrous forms. Seeing this saddened the goddess. She forced the Titans into a deep slumber, burying them under ground.

She failed in the creation of one race and planned to correct her mistakes in the creation of the new one, the Eitans. The Eitans were a balanced race, not completely good, not completely evil. They found meaning in their lives and revered the mother of their creation. Satisfied, but exhausted from all her efforts, Amnelis set out to protect the Eitans from the same corruption that had befallen the Titans. She forged the Artifacts of Crystal from her body to purify the sinister energy that would try to change the Eitans. After that she summoned a higher race of fallen celestial beings(Demoted Angels) to defend against the invasion of any outer evil forces. With all the preparations set Amnelis fell into a state of divine hibernation.

While she slept the Eitan civilization expanded and separated into four different nations. They warred with each other over control of the Artifacts of Crystal, which were discovered to posses incredible powers. While they warred Shabranigdo, son of Amnelis, devil god of Death and Damnation, slithered onto the Dark continent and sought to take control of it. Lacking the massive power of his mother he resurrected the Titans, who refer to themselves as the Abyssal Titans, to fight by his side and reclaim the Dark Continent from the humans and their protectors.

Name: The Shadow Broker
Bio: A mysterious player who acts as an information broker for other characters. He uses his vast knowledge of the End Saga, it's world, monsters and mysteries and shares them with other players....for a price.

Rumors suggest that he's a hacker somehow cheating the system. He uses a mysterious ability which he calls Time Spec which allows him to be extremely elusive.

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