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Author Topic: Town of Beginnings  (Read 51 times)

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Town of Beginnings
« on: December 11, 2012, 02:21:07 am »
The starting town where every beginner first appears in this world. It's a safe haven where Player Killing is not allowed. An isolated town surrounded by mountains and water which is it's perfect defense from the outside world. A dense place with buildings so high that they appear to touch the sky. At the center is the Basilica Giovanni, where the administrators and Moderators report to. And beyond that mist that no one ever returns from. There are a few basic shops run by NPC's with equally basic items. There is a residential district where simple Homes can can be purchased for everyday use. Upon exiting the town is a path that leads to Hetra Mountain.

Key Locations:

  • Heroes Monument-where the names of the top players are placed
  • Town Square/Marketplace-A square surrounded by shops and vendors. At the Center is a large extravagant fountain paying homage to a goddess, spewing crystal clear water.
  • Town Streets-Streets lined with benches and parks. Full of lively people.
  • Beach- an open beach.
  • Exort Dock-Body of water that surrounds the town that ends just beyond the thick mist, where no one is allowed to travel. There are a numerous number of docks and unused ships. Usually an empty part of town.
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Name: The Shadow Broker
Bio: A mysterious player who acts as an information broker for other characters. He uses his vast knowledge of the End Saga, it's world, monsters and mysteries and shares them with other players....for a price.

Rumors suggest that he's a hacker somehow cheating the system. He uses a mysterious ability which he calls Time Spec which allows him to be extremely elusive.

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